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The Magic Behind Matcha. ✨

If you follow any wellness accounts on Instagram, it’s inevitable that you’ve scrolled past at least one perfectly staged photo of a mug filled with gorgeous green matcha. Needless to say, matcha is soaking up a moment in the spotlight... and if you have yet to give this comforting drink a try, it’s time to hop aboard the bandwagon. Not only is matcha photogenic, it’s delicious and good for you.

The Nutritional + Health Benefits of Matcha

One thing many people don’t realize is that matcha is TEA. In fact, matcha is a green tea made of young tea leaves that are ground into a powder. Unlike brewed green tea, matcha tea includes the entire tea leaf, so it has more nutritional value than other teas.

Not only does matcha offer the nutritional benefits of the entire tea leaf, matcha leaves are grown in shade to increase their chlorophyll content, making them more nutrient-dense. After the leaves are harvested by hand, the veins and stems are removed and the leaves are slowly ground into a powder, protecting the nutrients.

So what nutrients are we talking about here? Firstly, matcha tea contains strong antibiotics called catechins that prevent cell damage and boost the immune system. Catechins are a common ingredient in many super foods. Matcha is also a good source of protein, amino acids, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin A.

With its powerful pack of nutrients, it’s no surprise that matcha tea offers many health benefits. 

Studies have shown that matcha tea may have the following benefits:

Matcha: What is it good for?

This answer is simple: All sorts of things! So if you thought matcha was just for sipping, think again. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use matcha tea:

  • Sip Matcha in the AM. Like other green teas, matcha contains caffeine so it’s a natural choice for a morning beverage Want to break your coffee habit? Opt for a mug of this bright green beauty instead! 

To make: Whisk together 1-2 teaspoons matcha powder with 2oz hot water (just below a boil) until tea is frothy.

  • Nourish Your Skin at Night. If you’re craving something warm and comforting past 4pm, we recommend reaching for a warm mug of bone broth (it’ll help you sleep!) and saving your matcha for a face mask.
To make: Mix together avocado, matcha, honey, and olive oil to form a thick paste. Add more matcha powder until you reach the desired consistency. (Pssst — Get more homemade face mask recipes in the OWL Lifestyle Guide & Recipe eBook!) 

  • Boost Your Smoothie. Adding matcha powder to a smoothie will add a dash of flavor, caffeine, and nutrients.

  • Enhance Your Baking (Just in time for St. Patty’s Day!). By replacing a bit of flour with matcha powder, you’ll add some nutritional value and a beautiful, green tone to your favorite baked goods. Give this a try with muffins, waffles, scones, and more!

Mix Up Your Matcha

Creative uses aside, your morning matcha never has to be boring. On those days when you’re in the mood for a little more pizazz, try introducing the following additives to your mug. 

  • Milk. Whether you prefer dairy, oat, or coconut, by whisking your matcha powder with milk instead of water, you’re guaranteed a creamy treat that will warm you from the inside out. 
  • Ghee. Ghee is an all-natural clarified butter that will add flavour and nutrients to your matcha. This is especially appealing for those following an intermittent fasting protocol as it doesn’t break ketosis.
  • Honey. Want to sweeten up your morning matcha? Add a swirl of organic, local honey after you’ve mixed your matcha powder and hot water.

OWL Venice <3s Matcha

Ever since Lindsey first developed the OWL Reset, matcha has been an invaluable part of what we do here at OWL. The Magic Matcha Mylkshake was developed to offer a morning pick-me-up and the nutrients the body needs to heal. 

In addition to matcha powder, OWL’s Magic Matcha contains spirulina and bentonite clay which aid in the detoxification of heavy metals, increase energy, and regulate blood sugar.

Because the Magic Matcha is arguably the most popular mylkshake in the OWL Reset, we knew we had to spill our secret. 

The secret ingredient in our Magic Magic is....

*drumroll please*

Tenzo Tea Matcha Powder. 

… and thanks to a new partnership with Tenzo Tea, we are now selling OWL Venice Matcha Powder in our store and online!

OWL Matcha Tea is ceremonial grade, meaning it’s of the highest quality. Ceremonial grade matcha is made of the youngest leaves and has a very smooth flavor and texture, perfect for drinking straight.

This matcha offers clean energy without anxiety or jitters, improves brain function, boosts focus, and encourages relaxation. It is also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants that reduce inflammation, improve the skin, curb appetite, prevent sickness, and promote better vision. Not only that, matcha leaves have detoxifying properties and can naturally eliminate chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Want to make matcha tea a part of your daily routine? You can pick up our matcha powder in the OWL HQ or online.

CLICK HERE to order!

Have you taken any photos of your daily mug of matcha lately? Tag us in your photos on IG and we might reshare! You can find us HERE.

In health,
The OWL Fam

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