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How Bone Broth Helps You Sleep Better

Insomnia, a common sleep disorder characterized by a difficulty in falling or staying asleep, is a growing problem among adults. Statistics published by The Good Body show that 1 in 4 Americans develop insomnia every year, with women twice as likely to do so.

Sleeping is the only time that the body gets to work on repairing itself, and as such, it's essential in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Several studies have shown links between sleep and several brain functions such as concentration, cognition, and overall productivity, and quality sleep has been found to help prevent depression and improve social and emotional intelligence. However, sleep isn't just good for the brain – good sleep is also associated with benefits such as calorie regulation and lowering the risk of heart disease. Reports from Healthline even show that good sleep helps build a stronger immune system, making it easier to stave off diseases.

Getting good sleep is proven to be crucial to living your fullest life, so it's become more and more necessary for science to find ways to address different sleep disorders —especially since a greater number of people may be affected by chronic insomnia in the future. Research from Maryville University shows that an estimated 164 million Americans will be affected by chronic illnesses and disorders by 2025. People suffering from severe insomnia are also at greater risk of developing comorbid medical disorders, causing “hypoxemia and dyspnea, gastroesophageal reflux disease, pain conditions, and neurodegenerative diseases”, as explained by researchers from the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Center.

While treatments for insomnia can range from therapies and prescription medications, healthy eating habits and the intake of specific foods such as bone broth can also be helpful. We've talked about 'Why Bone Broth' is good for you before, but all the goodness it's packed with makes it an ideal choice for those struggling to get good sleep, particularly due to the amino acids that it contains. Medical News Today claims that the amino acid glycine, which is abundant in bone broth, has been determined by the scientific community as a safe therapeutic option when it comes to addressing sleep disorders.

Multiple studies have shown that glycine influences sleep in a number of ways: glycine can help people fall asleep quickly, reduce symptoms of insomnia, increase sleep efficiency, and improve sleep quality. Glycine does this by increasing the blood flow to the extremities, thus reducing the body's core temperature, which directly affects sleep-wake cycles. Glycine also plays a role in increasing serotonin levels — a process necessary for the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Psychology Today suggests that for people who have sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, increasing serotonin levels can help bring back healthy sleep patterns and encourage deep, restful, and refreshing sleep.

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