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How to THRIVE On the OWL Reset!

So you’ve signed up for the OWL Gut Reset.... Congrats! This is a big step in your wellness journey. The state of your gut has the power to impact your entire being. It directly affects your immunity, brain function, moods, and more. By doing the OWL Reset you will give your digestive system a chance to rest while taking in all the nutrients you need to heal.

Are you feeling excited yet? Good — You should!

Are you also feeling a little nervous? That’s okay — We get it! 

It’s totally normal to wonder how you’re going to get through the OWL Reset.

If you’ve never done a cleanse or reset before, that’s okay. Being new to detox protocols doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage. Even those who have done the OWL Reset may have an entirely unique experience each time! Your diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors leading up to the Reset will all impact how you feel. So even if you’ve done this before, don’t fret if this time is a little different than the last. 

Above all, remember that the Reset is a great time to practice connecting to your body. Notice how you feel and what your body is asking for. Do what is best for YOU. 

Everyone’s experience is different, so each of us will have our own ways to thrive during the Reset, but we’ve compiled our favorite tips to enhance the healing experience.


Practices to Help You Thrive During the OWL Reset

Netflix and chill. 

Yes, really. Once you begin the OWL Reset your body will start working hard to detox. During this process of deep cleaning and repair, you need to SLEEP. 

Trust us — The more you clear your social schedule, ease up on the workouts, and rest, the deeper your detox will be! If you’re still hitting the pavement with long runs, staying out dancing till 2am, or workin’ that side hustle through all hours of the night, your body will struggle to keep up and won’t go as deeply into detox mode. 

If you absolutely can’t slow down for a few days, you can still support the cleansing process by fitting in a nap when you can. Instead of a high-intensity boxing session, opt for restorative yoga. Say no to going out with friends and hit the hay a few hours early.

Drink water. 

Let’s be real, is there ever a time when drinking water isn’t a good idea? During the OWL Reset your body will begin to dislodge toxins it’s stored up from your environment, food, skin care products, etc. Gross, right? By drinking plenty of water you will help flush all that yucky stuff out. 

Pro Tip: Warm the water, add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and squeeze lemon or lime to the water for added benefit. (Yes, lemon and lime are allowed on the OWL Reset!)

Add in healthy fats. 

The days of fearing fats are long behind us (thank goodness!). Many of the toxins we’re exposed to in our environment are fat soluble toxins, meaning that healthy fats will actually help carry the toxins out of the body. Plus, if you’re feeling low energy or hungry (errr-hangry?) during the Reset, adding small amounts of healthy fats into your diet can be a lifesaver! 

Pro tip: Make sure you’re only consuming fresh and whole food sources of fat. We like half an avocado or some steamed greens topped with fresh olive oil or ghee.

Some other nutritious examples of healthy fats that you can enjoy: 

  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Macadamias 
  • Coconut oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Fatty fish (herring, salmon, mackerel, trout)

Remember: Food is your friend, not your foe.

With all the cleansing fads out there, things can get pretty extreme. Even though the OWL Reset is designed to be a liquid based cleanse, we don’t recommend taking this to the extremes or depriving yourself!

If you feel like all liquid, all day is not enough food for you, we get it. Add in some steamed veggies or boiled chicken. Foods such as beets and cooked bitter greens (kale, dandelion, endives, mustard greens) actually support the detoxification process. It’s a win, win!

Get a full list of our Reset-Approved Foods here.

Ease in, ease out. 

Did you drink a bottle of wine and down a pack of cookie dough last night? No judgment here… but the next morning probably isn’t the best day to start the Reset. 

Rather than viewing this protocol as a quick way to drop a few pounds, look at it as embarking on a health journey. Try decreasing caffeine, alcohol, and sugar while increasing whole grains, fruits and veggies for at least two days pre-cleanse. With this approach common side effects (such as headaches) will likely be less severe. 

Use this same approach when easing out of the Reset. Rather than heading straight to your fave local hangout for a burger and beer the day after you finish, opt for easy to digest, nourishing meals like soups (try this recipe!), whole grains, fresh fruits, and cooked veggies for a few days. During this time, your digestive system may be a bit more sensitive, so try not to shock it out of detox mode right away.


With these tips in mind, always take cues from your body. It will tell you what it needs!

If you’re hungry, eat. 

If you’re tired, sleep.

And if you feel great, leave us a review!

Congrats on taking this next step on your wellness journey and for including OWL every step of the way. You're amazing!

In health,
The OWL Fam