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Spring Rituals For Revitalizing Your Life

The Vernal Equinox is on its way, and with it will come more light, warmer days, new life, and cleansing rains. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, healing, and awakening. After the harrowing year we’ve all been through, each one of us deserves a fresh start heading into the bulk of the new year. What better time to take advantage of the earth’s new energy than now as we emerge from winter and step into spring as new versions of ourselves?

The changing of seasons is nature’s way of calling on us to take inventory of our body, mind, and soul. To absorb the lessons we’ve learned. To admire how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown. To say goodbye to things that are no longer serving us. To welcome new things that will see us on our way through our life journey.

Similar to our Fall Grounding Rituals, we want to take this time to gather ourselves and realign our actions with our intentions. This requires looking back only to take notes. Then we look forward with purpose, focus, and mindfulness.

Spring Rituals - Journaling

Four Rituals For Your Spring Cleansing

Similar to astrology, when the new moon coming into a certain sign means setting intentions during that time. Six months later the full moon in the same sign arrives as a reminder to check in on those intentions. Such is the case with the Fall and Spring equinoxes.

The end of March marks six months since the Autumnal Equinox in late September. This is time to reflect on where you set out and where you ended up. Flip back through your journal entries from the Fall and evaluate your actions since.

What were your goals?

Did you carry out all of your intentions?

Did you make moves on your dreams?

Did you plant bulbs tied to your intentions? The blooms of those flowers are the result of your care and attention. They symbolize the results of your efforts. Did you give care and attention to yourself this Winter? Take time to take notes of your progress and growth. What did you accomplish? What needs more attention? What is in progress but still needs more time?

All of these questions are important to ask so that you can move on to the next step of renewed energy.

Spring Rituals For Revitalizing Your Life’s Pathway

After reflection on your journal entries and dream seeds, it’s now time to plant new dream seeds. New intention seeds. Early spring is the perfect time to plant your favorite in-season or summer flowers. You’ll see the fruits of your planted intentions all by early summer which will serve as a reminder of your goals throughout the season and keep you on your path. Every time you tend to these plants, be mindful of each dream, each goal that they represent

Before covering your seeds, hold them in the palm of your hand. Visualize your dreams infusing into them. Let everything that you wish to call into your life fill the seeds. Speak these dreams, goals, intentions out-loud and into existence so that the Universe can hold them. Cover your dream seeds with solid and let yourself feel the peace that comes with aligning yourself. Most importantly, have fun with this ritual and let it be something that makes you smile and warms your heart.

The sun is returning and the balance between light and dark will be more even than during the winter months. Snow is melting and the earth is thawing. Life is blooming and frolicking all around. Go out and enjoy what Mother Nature has created while you huddled inside, nice and cozy.

Remove your shoes and connect with the fresh, fertile soil. Feel the energy of new things surge from the earth into your body. Lie down in the grass and connect your flesh with nature to flush out energy that is no longer serving you, and absorb all that will assist you. Create new space for the new season to fill you with its blessings. Allow the earth to recharge you and your spirit as it helps with your cleansing and growth.

Celebrate the new season with flavors of the season! Honor the earth by enjoying the fruits of her labor through the cold winter months. She has provided you with abundance. Accept her gifts and put them to good use by allowing them to nourish your body and fill your home with laughter, joy, and gratitude.

Spring recipes are the perfect way to welcome the coming of light with all of its fresh, cooling fruits and veggies. Check out our Spring Shopping Guide for ideas on what to add to your pantry. Have a peek at our list of Spring recipes to bring inspiration to your kitchen this season.

Spring Rituals For Revitalizing Your Life’s Pathway

Gratitude For Your Gifts

There is no singular best time to express gratitude for the blessings in your life. There will always be hard times - but there will always be something that puts a smile on your face. It’s important, no matter what time of year, to set aside a moment or two and push away all that might be going wrong and focus on what is good and whole in your life.

The changing of seasons, every season, is a chance to slow down and remember what it is that gives us purpose and brings us peace. We encourage everyone to look around and absorb your surroundings. Let them fill you with joy and warmth. No matter what life throws your way, the Universe will always have your back.

Wishing you a healthy, happy Spring,
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