How to sustain healthy habits when traveling?

Trying to manage a healthy lifestyle while traveling can be hard, but it is not impossible! Stay focused and have compassion for yourself!
It’s no secret that when we are on vacation we like to indulge. Who’s with me? Give yourself permission to live a little. Enjoy the company you are with and melt into those long days, meals filled with love, and company that keeps your soul ignited.
We all have different agendas, and if sustaining healthy habits while traveling is yours, tune in. Food and movement are two key words that come to mind when thinking about staying healthy. Have you ever heard of the phrase it’s 80% what we eat and 20% exercise? Before you set sail on your travel, do your research.
How do you normally like to eat? Is that possible to find where you are going? Can you take snacks with you? (Believe me, I pack bags of my own snacks these days!)
Food can be the biggest struggle for some people, but it doesn’t need to be. You can find healthy restaurants or grocery store options nearby. If you are traveling for pleasure, be sure to keep your goal in mind and not go overboard with indulgence, but if you do, no judgments please! If you are traveling for work, sometimes remembering to eat at all can be a challenge in itself! How can you set yourself up for success? Plan ahead. Grab an easy snack, eat whole foods and drink a ton of water!
Now, what about exercise? Do you like to lift weights? Run? Practice yoga? If you’re feeling the urge to move your body, do it!
Pick a hotel with an onsite gym, or if you’re at an Airbnb, then try to find a gym nearby. If you can, pick somewhere close enough to work or near something exciting that you can walk to. There are optimal ways to get your daily exercise in, and the best part is that you really don’t need a gym to do it!
Lastly, sleep deprivation can be a silent killer. Try your best to get your 8 hours, whether you need to leave the party one drink sooner or leave the colleagues at the bar, do your best and know it will be the most beneficial in the end. And always remember to hydrate, this can be easily forgotten. If you are out on the beach all day in the sun, or sitting in the office all day, remember to pack an empty water bottle and keep refilling!
Traveling doesn’t need to be unhealthy. It’s very easy to get distracted by all the new restaurants and colorful drinks, all you need to do is focus on your goals. You’ve got this!
Safe travels,