What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

More than ever, our patterns as humans are responsible for the drastic climate

change over the last century. Our activity not only affects weather and climate but also the environment. The biggest catalyst is our ignorance. Our practices and awareness around sustainability have mostly been obsolete. We emit harmful chemicals into the air and water, which increases the temperature of the planet, lowering the quality of the air we breathe and killing forests and aquatic animals.

There are definitely some movers and shakers that are trying to create a movement to save the planet. In addition, there are stores, brands and laws that are being passed to help lessen our carbon footprint, but if we want to create real change, we all have to hold each other accountable for our actions.

Here are three pillars of where we can become more mindful of our daily

Use your resources more efficiently:
      o From what you drive to the machinery or appliances you use in your
job or at home
      o Stay up to date on your smog checks if you are driving

Reduce unnecessary resource use:
      o Lower your waste by recycling and composting
      o Shop local
      o Choose products with sustainable packaging (like our broth elixirs!)

Switch to consuming renewable resources:
      o Avoid plastic and switch to reusable bags
      o If you’re eating meat, consume free-range and grass-fed animals

At its core, sustainability means living a life of dignity in harmony with nature.
There is no reason we can’t value our relationship with the Earth as much as we value our relationship with another human. It is possible to live a fulfilling life
within the limits of what nature can provide. It is time to look at the long-term view of how our actions effect future generations and ensuring that we don’t deplete our resources or cause pollution at rates faster than the earth is able to renew them.

Our products are a celebration of what Mama Gaia has so graciously provided us. We are infusing our broths with medicinal herbs to aid in healing. We are only using the highest quality meat. Our products are in glass mason jars and ship with biodegradable peanuts and packaging. We sanitize and reuse all returned jars. We have also seen our community get really creative in their own way. Our demo cups are also biodegradable. It’s definitely not a perfect science, but with anything, the more aware you, the more ability you have to lead others through actions. Simple changes every day can keep our planet happy, healthy and together, we can work in alignment with each other.

What does sustainability mean to you and how do you practice it in your life?
Comment below and share your favorite ways!