What Kind of Broth You Should be Drinking

We’ve talked many times before about the WHY behind the consumption of bone broth, but there are some differences to mention in order to find the right broth for you. Like anything in life, it’s important to incorporate variety so the body never gets used to one thing, but rather it is always working at its optimal level to regulate digestion and have our organs firing on all cylinders. Bone broth at its core can help strengthen and improve digestion, immunity, liver detoxification, joints and cartilage, bones and teeth as well as hair, skin and nails.

With so many choices on the market, we often times become paralyzed in our ability to make a decision. A couple of key things to keep in mind: Happy, healthy animals produce nutritious meat, bones and connective tissue, so finding organic, free-range and grass-fed meat is pivotal. There is a broth for everyone and what you may be called to could differ each time, so honor that gut feeling.

We offer five different types of broth:
  • Vegan mineral infused with three different types of mushrooms, moringa and kombu.
  • Turkey, which contains bones from the neck and carcass.
  • Chicken, which contains bones from the feet and carcass.
  • Beef, which contains a mix of rib, knuckle, femur and marrow.
  • Bison, which also contains a mix of rib, knuckle, femur and marrow.
All of our broths have a base of celery, carrots, swiss chard, fennel, ginger and turmeric, and then each specific broth has additional medicinal herbs that assist in healing, sealing and repairing the gut lining. Click here for more information on the herbs we use and why.

Bone broth provides you with a variety of important nutrients such as calcium; for the formations of our bones and muscle contractions, magnesium, which helps regulate what’s in the gut, chondroitin; which assists in maintaining fluid and flexibility in the joints, glucosamine; which is beneficial for cartilage health and arginine; which is designed to help improve blood flow and circulation.

Our vegan mineral broth is a wonderful alternative for our non-meat consumers. You are receiving an ample amount of protein from moringa, wood ear mushrooms, cordycep mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and kombu. All of which help fight free radicals, inflammation, protects the cardiovascular system and the liver as well as supports brain health.

For our turkey broth elixir, you can taste the ginger and sage. Ginger is said to fight fungal infections, inhibit cancer growth, protect against stomach ulcers, regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, relieve joint pain, block bacterial infections, ease inflammation and promote proper digestion. In addition, sage boosts cognition, treats inflammation, strengthens immune system and improves bone health. With the slew of herbs in this broth, the bones used have a ton of cartilage, which has collagen, which then breaks down into gelatin. Our turkey broth is savory!

Our chicken broth elixir is infused with lavender and cilantro, which help fight inflammation and rid the body of heavy metals and toxins. The bones of a chicken contain a natural amino acid called cysteine, which can thin the mucus in your lungs and help you expel it more easily, so if you’re feeling under the weather, this is a great option! If you are new to consuming bone broth, this one will certainly feel the most similar. Remember Grandma’s chicken noodle soup? These bones may be less dense, and they do contain less collagen, but the magic is in the feet. The chicken feet are extremely rich in collagen, so rest assured our broth will give you higher amounts of protein.

For our beef broth elixir, you will likely taste the punch of lavender and rosemary, which also assist in reducing inflammation, detoxing the liver, lowering stress and balancing our hormones. In comparison to the other broths, beef bones are typically larger and heavier, naturally providing a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur.

The major difference between chicken broth and beef broth comes in the form of omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. Chicken has a higher omega-6 ratio than beef broth. On their own, our bodies cannot make these fatty acids, so it is imperative that we receive them from our diets. We require a specific ratio between the two to achieve optimal health. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation, and omega-6 promotes systemic inflammation when consumed in excess. In our society, through corn, soybean and vegetable oils, we tend to consume far too many omega-6 essential fatty acids, so if you are watching your omega-3/6 intake, the beef broth may be a better option for you.

Our bison broth elixir is earthy and filled with lion’s mane mushroom and turmeric. Lion’s mane is a mushroom that possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune stimulating cells. It is said to enhance brain function, support your heart and circulatory system, improve digestive health, reduce inflammation, improve mental health and overall well being, and boost the immune system. Coupled with the turmeric, which has many of the same properties along with the other healing herbs, this is sure to bring peace to what’s going on underneath the skin. In taste and benefits, our bison broth is quite similar to our beef broth. Without the lavender, it’s less floral, and earthier.

All of our broths are lighter than a traditional broth. With a 24 hour simmer process, our elixirs sip like a tea, amplify the flavor of steamed veggies or rice and grains and make the perfect base for soups. You may feel called to certain broths at certain times and for specific things. Implementing a variety of them into your rituals is the best option!