The Why Behind OWL Supplements

Have you heard?! OWL Venice’s Supplement Line has landed and we are so excited to share the healing benefits of these products with you. Since these are new to the OWL offerings we thought we’d break ‘em down so you can learn why we think they’re so great! 

Immunity Booster

Let’s start with the Immunity Booster, because who doesn’t need a little extra boost nowadays, right?! 


One of the main ingredients in this formula is astragalus root, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as an immune booster. Astragalus is considered an adaptogenic herb which means that it supports our body in managing the effects of both physical and emotional stress. Next up in our Immune booster is echinacea and garlic. Both of these immunity super stars are pretty well known, so we’ll skip our spiel on these and go to some of the lesser known ingredients like maitake mushrooms. Also known as hens of the woods, these mushrooms are not only known for immune boosting benefits but are also being studied for its potential cancer fighting properties and ability to slow the growth of tumors. Another notable ingredient in our wellness blend is the forsythia fruit, commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as a potent antiviral and antimicrobial. 


Our immunity blend can be taken daily to support your immune system. We recommend taking 1-2 capsules once or twice a day for regular immune support and increasing the dosage at your first signs of illness. As always, consult your doctor before taking any new supplements to make sure there are no drug interactions. 

OWL Supplement Yeast Buster

Next up, the Yeast Buster. 


We often hear from customers who are struggling with digestive issues resulting from Candida overgrowth. Candida overgrowth is extremely common and often manifests in the body as digestive problems, fatigue, skin issues, brain fog and yeast infections. Although Candida is a naturally occurring fungus in our body it can grow out of control as a result of high sugar or alcohol intake, antibiotic, and/or stress. Our Yeast Buster blend is full of anti-fungal herbs that support your body in maintaining healthy amounts of candida. We use powerful plants such as Usnea and Pau d’Arco, both of which are well known to inhibit the growth of candida. Another herbal powerhouse in this blend is gentian root, used both in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for its antifungal properties. In addition to that - gentian root is a strong bitter known for its’ ability to ease digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea and heartburn. 


There are a few ways that you can take this product. For those dealing with chronic yeast imbalances try using this as a daily supplement alongside anti-candida diet and lifestyle changes. For those looking for immediate relief, we recommend supplementing with this 3X a day at the first sign of imbalance. For those who suspect that candida may be at the root of their digestive issues this would also be a great supplement to take while on the OWL Reset. If you have any questions about anti-candida diet and lifestyle adjustments schedule a free 15 minute Health Coaching consultation here.

OWL Supplement Digestive Bitters

Last, but certainly not least, let’s discuss our Digestive Bitters. 


For hundreds of years the bitter taste has been used to stimulate digestion. The bitter taste stimulates the release of bile, stomach acid and digestive enzymes which help you digest foods with ease and properly absorb the nutrients from your meals. Our digestive bitters combine commonly known bitters like dandelion root and orange peel with lesser known (yet potent!) bitters such as Oregon Grape Root and Prickly Ash Bark. Oregon Grape Root is not actually a type of grape but rather an herb commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bitterness of this plant stimulates the secretion of bile, which supports the liver and gall bladder. It’s also a strong anti-inflammatory that has been used to treat inflammatory skin rashes such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Prickly Ash Bark, also part of our digestive formula, is not only a digestive aid but also a blood and circulatory stimulant. This is helpful for those struggling with sluggish digestion (think: heavy feeling in the stomach, constipation, etc.). It’s also well known for its ability to relieve toothaches, cool huh?! 


Digestive Bitters can either be taken before or after a meal. If you’ve been experiencing digestive symptoms such as gas and bloating or are eating out at a restaurant and not confident the meal will digest properly in your system - we recommend taking bitters between 15-30 minutes before eating. This will get your bodies’ digestive juice flowing to support the oncoming meal. If you are experiencing indigestion, nausea or heartburn after eating a meal you can take the bitters at the onset of symptoms for relief. 

A quick note on bitters - It’s important to recognize that when your body is sending you cues like gas, bloating or nausea it’s an indication that something isn’t digesting properly and you may not be absorbing all the nutrients from your food. Once in a while this is fine, and the digestive bitters are great to support. If you find yourself becoming reliant on bitters at every meal it may be time to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. 

If you need help figuring out a diet or lifestyle plan that will support your digestion our health coaches are here for you! Schedule your free 15 minute consult here.