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Everything You Should Know About Apple Cider Vinegar


One of the most well-rounded pantry items any household can have is apple cider vinegar. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, deep clean your home, nourish your skin, dress a salad, or brighten your smile, apple cider vinegar is a must-have.

At OWL Venice, we use apple cider vinegar in many of our recipes. Not only does it add a dash of flavor to our bone broth elixirs, it makes the body glow from the inside out. Today we are breaking down the reasons apple cider vinegar is an essential household item and all the ways you can integrate it into your diet.

Read on to learn the many uses for apple cider vinegar as well as the surprising health benefits it has to offer!


Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what vinegar is made out of? Many people are surprised to learn that vinegar is produced through the fermentation of ethanol alcohol found in products like beer, champagne, cider, etc. During the process of fermentation, bacteria cultures break down ethanol into byproducts including acetic acid, vitamins, and minerals.

There are many different kinds of vinegar including balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, white vinegar, red wine vinegar, malt vinegar, cane vinegar, and — our favorite — apple cider vinegar. Each of these vinegars is created by adding original ingredients that create unique qualities and flavor profiles.

Homemade apple cider vinegar is made by submerging crushed apples and apple scraps in a solution of cane sugar. This begins the fermentation process that takes 3-6 weeks to complete. Find more on how to make your own ACV here.


If you thought apple cider vinegar was just a pungent addition to a handful of recipes, think again. This miracle product has a wide range of uses that will have you reaching for it on the regular.

Keep your ACV handy for the following purposes:


Apple cider vinegar is often used as a natural alternative to harmful cleaning products. Use ACV around the house in the following ways:

-To eliminate odor: Mix ACV with water to create a deodorizing spray.
-To clean surfaces: Mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water as an alternative to harmful cleaners.
-To catch fruit flies: Put ACV and dish soap in an open container.
-To kill weeds: Mix ACV, lemon, and soap and spray onto affected areas.
-To clean toothbrush: Mix ACV, baking soda, and water and soak toothbrush for a half hour, rinse.
-To wash dishes: Rinse dishes in ACV or add to dishwasher.

Self-Care + Hygiene

Apple cider vinegar is often used as a natural remedy for ailments and can be integrated into many self-care rituals. Try using ACV for the following:

-To calm a sore throat: Mix ACV with water and gargle to kill harmful bacteria.
-To reduce signs of aging: Mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water to create a toner.
-To remedy skin conditions: Add 1-2 cups of ACV to a warm bath.
-To promote healthy hair: Mix equal parts ACV and water and leave in hair for 5 minutes.
-To treat dandruff: Massage equal parts ACV and water into scalp, rinse.
-To whiten teeth: Rub ACV on teeth with a cotton swab, rinse.
-To treat acne: Mix ACV and water and apply a small amount to affected areas.
-To treat warts: Apply ACV to affected areas. (Be warned that this treatment is painful).
-To prevent body odor: Mix ACV with water and wipe on the underarms.


Apple cider vinegar can be used in cooking in many different ways. Along with being a delicious addition to soup and sauce recipes, ACV can be used for the following:

-To clean fruits and vegetables: Wash in ACV to kill bacteria.
-To preserve food: Use ACV as a pickling agent.
-To make salad dressing: Mix ACV with oil, mustard, and other ingredients.
-To make boiled or poached eggs: Add ACV to water to increase its acidity.
-To marinade meat: Combine ACV with other ingredients such as garlic, wine, and spices.
-To replace egg: Add ACV to vegan baking recipes.


As if being a useful tool in cooking, cleaning, and self-care wasn’t enough, apple cider vinegar offers many health benefits when consumed, especially when it’s unfiltered or ‘raw’. Raw apple cider vinegar contains additional protein, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria that increase its health benefits.

Here are some of the proven health benefits of apple cider vinegar:

-Lowers blood sugar and improves insulin function, making it very useful for those with diabetes or pre-diabetics.
-Aids in weight loss and reduces belly fat. Consuming ACV with high carb foods increases the feeling of fullness, resulting in less consumption.
-Improves heart health. ACV lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
-Protects against cancer. According to some studies, ACV can kill cancer cells and reduce tumors.

In addition to these health benefits, some experts believe that consuming small amounts of apple cider vinegar can aid in digestion. Due to its acidity, ACV helps break down protein and combats harmful bacteria in the stomach. Because of this, Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has earned a top spot in our bone broth elixir recipes and is a staple ingredient in The OWL Reset Organic Cleanse Program.

You can find Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in the following OWL Venice products:

-Vegan Mineral Broth Elixir
-Chicken Bone Broth Elixir
-Beef Bone Broth Elixir
-Bison Bone Broth Elixir
-Turkey Bone Broth Elixir


In addition to eating foods that contain apple cider vinegar, many people choose to take doses of pure apple cider vinegar. To introduce this practice into your wellness regimen, use the following tips:

-Start with small amounts and work up to taking 2 tablespoons per day with meals.
-Protect your teeth by diluting the ACV with water and consuming through a straw.
-Rinse your mouth after consuming.


Apple cider vinegar is an MVP at OWL Venice because of its wide array of health benefits and delicious flavor. It’s this important ingredient that gives our recipes an extra punch of tanginess and guarantees you’ll feel satisfied after your daily mug of organic bone broth elixir.

How do you use apple cider vinegar at home? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to join in the conversation on Instagram!

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