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10 Gifts Your Loved Ones Will 💝 This Holiday Season

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who can’t wait to pick out gifts for their loved ones... And people who wish a signature on a store-bought card was an acceptable present.

At OWL, we’re all about picking out the most creative, thoughtful gifts. In fact, we’ve spent the last couple of months carefully analyzing the people in our lives and listening intently for hints on what presents they might be stoked to receive. Why? Because there’s nothing quite like the look on our loved one’s faces when they unwrap something that makes their heart flutter!

But we know that not everyone is this way.

We know that—for some—the prospect of gift giving can result in anxiety and stress. If reading this is making your blood pressure rise, RELAX. We’re here to help! Check out these ideas on awesome gifts to give this holiday season.

10 Gifts Your Loved Ones Will 💝 This Holiday Season

1. Handmade Lavender Sachets

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift with a personal touch, here’s your answer: Lavender sachets. These natural air fresheners can be kept in drawers or tossed in the dryer. We also love keeping them in the car and in our suitcases for a clean scent. Not only do they smell amazing, they can event improve sleep when put in a pillowcase! To make some, buy loose lavender (for sale the OWL HQ!) and some fabric remnants. You can purchase fabric at a craft store OR use other clothing items you no longer wear. Check out this DIY and you’ll have a low-cost, thoughtful gift in no time!

2. Reusable Dinnerware

Give your loved ones reusable to-go dishes, cutlery, and straws this holiday season. Not only is this a gift everyone will love, it’s also a great way to protect our planet! At OWL Venice, we carry T U L Z reusable cutlery and straws. We especially love their plastic-free kit which includes a fork, spoon, knife, straw, and cleaning brush packaged in a beautiful, compact case.

3. A Natural Candle

Everyone loves a good candle… but did you know that paraffin candles emit carcinogens and toxic chemicals? Not only that, paraffin candles burn quickly and their soot can stains walls. This year, pick up some soy candles instead! Soy candles are sustainable and burn longer than paraffin candles. OWL Venice recently teamed up with Apothenne to develop artisan-focused candles in two incredible scents that are free of preservatives. The perfect gift!

4. A Hand-Dyed Bandana

Get your loved one on board the latest trends and make them a hand-dyed bandana to wear around their neck. This style is retro, european, and so hot right now! Pick up a dye kit by Nova Goods at the OWL HQ or learn how to use natural dyes online.

5. A Houseplant

Indoor plants are the perfect way to add life to any space. Houseplants clean the air, deter illness, increase focus, and boost healing. When selecting plants for your loved ones, keep their experience with plant care in mind. For your experienced friends, pick out something unique at a local nursery. For plant newbies, opt for something hearty like an aloe or spider plant. Looking for something with a great presentation? Drop by the OWL HQ and pick up a baby monstera in an owl planter. They’re the cutest and small enough to wrap up!

6. A Deck of Cards

No, we don’t mean playing cards. This time of year is the perfect season to surprise a loved one with a deck of cards that they can use to set intentions every day. Whether you opt for tarot cards, affirmation cards, or mantra cards, this thoughtful gift is sure to enhance the life of the receiver. We’re currently loving the The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby Bernstein. This deck includes affirmations, prayers and statements that offer inspiration, support, and guidance. Come check it out at the OWL HQ and pick up a deck or two for your favorite people!

7. Organic Skincare

Give the gift of good skin and a restorative regimen this holiday season. Washing and moisturizing your face is more than an obligation… it’s the chance to practice self-care and pamper yourself. Because of this, skincare is the perfect way to show the people in your life that you care about them! Opt for all-natural skincare products that are good for both the body and the planet. The OWL Venice skincare line is organic, hand-crafted in small batches, and ideal for normal to sensitive skin types. If your budget won’t allow you to buy the entire line, opt for the Rose Toner. We love misting our faces with this throughout the day for a dose of rejuvenation.

8. A Throw Blanket

There’s no such thing as having too many throw blankets… so even if your loved ones already has a blanket at home, they can always use one more. We carry authentic mexican blankets at the OWL HQ and can’t get enough of them! We keep our throws draped over the arms of our couches, folded on our beds, and tucked into baskets on the floor. Not only are they the perfect thing for a night spent snuggled up at home, they’re also a beautiful addition to any space!

9. Restorative Pillows

Encourage your loved ones to take some R&R in 2020 by giving them meditation pillows and bolsters this holiday season. We love the pillows by Studio Mandana because they’re made with sustainable materials like vintage textiles, wool batting, and brass hardware. Pick some up at the OWL HQ to encourage someone special in your life to practice self-care every day!

10. Bone Broth

Introduce your friends and family to the benefits of bone broth this season and you’ll be extending the gift of good health! Create a thoughtful gift basket with an impressive presentation to show how much you care. First, pick up a handmade mug and a jar or two (or three!) of OWL Bone Broth Elixir. Then package it up with Royal Ghee, lemon, fresh cilantro and chives, coconut aminos, and/or flaky sea salt. Include a print out of some of the benefits of bone broth, ways to prepare it, and some recipes to try.

We hope this has given you plenty of ideas on what to give the special people in your life! Above all, make sure to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. That’s the best gift of all. 💛

Happy holidays from us to you!

In health,
The OWL Family