• The 7 Day Winter Meal Plan - OWL Venice
  • The 7 Day Winter Meal Plan - OWL Venice

The 7 Day Winter Meal Plan

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A week-long meal plan designed by OWL Health Coaches celebrating the warming flavors of the winter chill. Grey skies and bare trees can get gloomy after a few weeks, so we’re keeping warm with roasted roots, flavorful soups, and spiced fruits. The winter produce lineup is similar to that of the proceeding season, and this Meal Plan continues to celebrate the flavors of fall but with an emphasis on comforting, healing, and warming ingredients. As we all know, the winter season brings with it runny noses and scratchy throats, so consuming foods that strengthen our natural defenses, stoke digestive fire, and nourish our bodies is of utmost importance. Almost all recipes included are vegan, and those that are not can easily be made vegan with suggested substitutions.


The 7 Day Winter Meal Plan includes:

  • 7 day menu plan
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner

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