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Revitalizing Rituals for the Spring Season

Ahh, Spring! The season of cleansing rains, fresh vegetation, and new life. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the promise of a new nature cycle, and the hope for a fresh turnover in your daily patterns. Human beings are naturally in tune with the earth and its magnetic rhythms, but there are so many benefits to tapping into the renewed energy at the Vernal Equinox with intention. 

After a cozy and quiet winter season bundled up indoors, it’s time to venture outside to enjoy blue skies and sunny days. Nature is calling out to us to shed our old rituals and step into vibrant springtime vibes.

How Do You Celebrate Spring?

There is no wrong way to develop or carry out a Spring ritual. The most important thing to keep in mind is that whatever your ritual may be, it should honor your emotions and help you through a gentle transition from the slow and steady winter pace to the quicker energy of spring. This can help you acknowledge the beginnings of a fresh start or a completely new direction.


Spring Meditation


4 Spring Rituals You Can Start Right Away

Rituals don't have to be involved or complicated. They're more about being intentional in the moment. If you can feel your purpose move through you as you carry out even the simplest rituals, you can rest assured that you've invested your energy into something meaningful and worthwhile to your soul.


Sweep out the old and nourish the new. This applies to our world around us, but also to our inner world. Anything from unused clothes, books, and kitchen items to negative thoughts, harmful habits, or rituals that no longer serve you or the season you're in.

Letting go of items that no longer align with our physical, mental, or spiritual goals is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your world. This can not only help clear your space, but also help you think clearly to make room for new, refreshing energy to enter your life.

Cleansing your mind can be as simple as journaling your intentions for the next few months and deciding what you want to accomplish this spring. Asking yourself if there is something new you want to adopt into your actions or habits can help you refocus and reconnect with yourself on every level. 


Reconnect with the earth as new life unfolds around you. Grounding is a deeply relaxing and time-honored experience in which every human should indulge. Much like trees and plants that absorb nutrients and life from the earth into their foliage, humans too can absorb from the ground all of the goodness that nature has to offer.

This ritual is as simple as going outside and taking off your shoes. Feel the life and energy of the soil as you connect with the earth. You can also lay down under your favorite tree and clear your mind as you listen to the birds, feel the sun, and breathe in the fresh air around you. Whichever method you choose, the intention is to relax into the earth, let go of old energy from the darker months and absorb the energy of new life and abundance. 




Add value to your world through the small miracles of nature. Planting bulbs or seeds of your favorite flowers can not only add beauty to your garden, but can also hold space for your intentions for the upcoming season. Planting is a simple and mindful practice that fits right into the fresh energy of Spring. The benefits are twofold:  first, your garden gets a refresh, second, you get to align yourself and your spirit with the renewal of the season.

This ritual is fun, easy, and fulfilling. All you need is a choice amount of whatever you want to see sprouting in your garden. As you prepare your planting area, tap into the energy flowing from the soil to your hands for a more mindful and rewarding experience. Next, as you place each seed or bulb into the ground, speak your intentions outloud to give them power and substance. As you care for your plants while they're still underneath the soil, remind yourself to check in with your personal progress. And finally, when your hard work begins to bloom,  the hope is that the goals you set for yourself come to fruition in line with nature's cycles.


Make space for what is to come through a welcoming ritual of meditation. Wake up before the sun or find a place outside that's rich with new life like a meadow or a forest clearing. Here you can practice traditional meditation through existing in the moment physically, mentally, and spiritually. By clearing your mind and really feeling the earth and the air around you, you're mindfully welcoming the new energy of spring into your being.

Take this ritual a step further by bringing along your journal, a yoga mat, or your favorite candle/scent. Use these centering practices to reflect on the winter months by remembering the moments of beauty that sustained you, cultivate gratitude for those blessings, and then visualize everything that is making its way to you in the next season.


Lighting the Venice Candle


Honor Who You Are 

As imperfect humans, we can all benefit from guidance and peace of mind. Nature does just that, if we're willing to listen. The seasons themselves represent the seasons in our life and reassure us that it's alright to stop and start again.

There is so much value in taking time to honor yourself and the world around you. Whether you feel like you're on the right path or not, soul-renewing spring rituals are a rewarding and meaningful experience that can give you new inspiration, and provide precious insight to who you are and what you want for yourself.

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