5 Tips to Keep Your Health On Track This Winter

You can either pay now to be healthy, or pay later to try and fix your health. We sometimes pinch ourselves when we get in line at the grocery store with a cart full of whole foods and see our final bill. How is it possible that healthy foods cost so much? Is it worth it you might ask? (Yes is the answer, by the way.)
It is said that 5-20% of the US population will get the flu on average each year. Can you imagine just how many people you interact with on a daily basis that could have the beginning symptoms? Flu season is at its peak December to February, so here are a few of our home remedies for staying healthy this winter:

1. Meditate. When we are stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced, and we become more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, close your eyes and breathe.

2. Drink bone broth infused with medicinal herbs that are anti-septic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. When you were younger and under the weather, how much better did you feel after Mom’s chicken noodle? Not sure if it was because of all the ingredients within or the love infused throughout, but there was healing.

3. Use a neti pot. It is a self-care practice used to help treat allergies, postnasal drip, sinus infections and colds. It is a nasal irrigation that helps clear the nasal passages.

4. Invest in a diffuser. It will help moisten the air and ease congestion and coughs. Add a little eucalyptus to it and on the roof of your mouth, and you’ll open right up!

5. Sleep. Sleep. And more sleep. 

Take care of yourself. It is said that it takes about 1-4 days for the symptoms to show up, and then you can be contagious for 5-10 days after the illness starts. No need to try and be the superhero. Rather lay low, practice self-care, drink lots of liquids, eat a ton of whole foods and vegetables, and just be. 
This too shall pass.
In optimal health,


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