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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat food during the cleanse?

Many people find that they aren’t hungry and have plenty of energy throughout their OWL Reset Cleanse, however, we always encourage our customers to listen to their body. If you’re in need of some extra fuel during your cleanse, you can introduce some of our approved foods, which will help sustain you without disrupting the benefits of the cleanse.

Can I drink coffee while cleansing?

Wood cutlery is quite porous and absorbent, so I recommend reusing 3 times at max.We suggest you steer clear of caffeine as it can be very acidic and will disrupt your gut balance. Click here for more info on our Pre & Post Reset recommendations.

Am I able to make adjustments to the broths?

We are happy to make adjustments/swaps to the broths that come in the OWL Reset Cleanse. When you place your order, send us an email at to request changes based on your dietary preferences.

However, we are unable to change or remove specific ingredients in our broths as we simmer everything in large batches.

I'm in LA. How do I pick up my OWL Reset?

Once you place your order you can schedule a pickup from the OWL HQ in Venice by following the Schedule Pickup link in your order confirmation email. You choose the time that works best for you!

You may arrive 1 hour early or late to your scheduled pick up as long as it's within store hours. Please note we are closed 1:30-2:00pm daily for lunch.

If you want to receive your cleanse by a certain date, please be sure to place your order ahead of time. If you did not receive the scheduling link, please email us at

Why are my Mylkshakes shipped in powder-form?

In order to maintain the integrity of our cleanse program, we have deliberately chosen to leave out shelf stabilizers and preservatives from all our products. Because of this, we are unable to ship our fresh, pre-made Mylkshakes in a manner where they will last from shipping and through the duration of your Reset. But don't worry- prepping your shakes is easy, and we offer plenty of substitutions if you are unable to find the recommended fruit/vegetables. You can view and download the instructions here.

When will my order be shipped & how long will it take?

Shipments typically take 5-7 business days depending on where you are located in the U.S. We ship out on weekdays unless otherwise noted.

For shipped orders, we send pre-portioned powders in compostable bags to which you must blend with your own fruit/veggies and water. We make this process as easy as possible by including detailed instructions. Expect to purchase the following ingredients (for about $10): two plantains, one squash, and two beets.

There is no additional charge for shipping.