• Tongue Scraper - OWL Venice
  • Tongue Scraper - OWL Venice

Tongue Scraper

  • $9.00

Take your fresh breath to the next level! Made with 100% pure copper, these U-shaped devices have a blunt edge that removes build-up from the surface of the tongue. Ayurvedic medicine has incorporated tongue cleaning for thousands of years - more specifically, copper tongue scrapers. This is because copper is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. Tongue scraping removes the bad bacteria and toxins that accumulate in the mouth, improving digestive health and immunity.

Using our tongue scraper alongside our Reset Programs is an excellent way to upgrade your overall wellness experience!

How to use: Simply pull the reusable, waste free, copper scraper over your tongue and say goodbye to that unpleasant build-up. Try it once and you'll never go back!


  • Rids your mouth of teeth/gum damaging bacteria 

  • Makes food taste better

  • Copper targets bad bacteria and avoids good bacteria 

  • Stimulates you digestive tract to improve digestion

  • Helps you absorb nutrients more efficiently


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