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The Perfect Partnership: OWL Venice x Born on Sunset Ceramics

One thing every broth lover needs is a favorite mug. We’ve searched high and low for the best ceramics to carry at OWL Venice because we believe that the vessel our broth elixirs are sipped out of truly enhances the ritual of drinking broth every day. In our opinion, the perfect mugs and tumblers are beautiful to look at, feel great in the hand, and are made with love (just like our broths)!

Before we opened the OWL HQ, we received a thoughtful thank you from Allison Altman, who had purchased our bone broth elixir at Erewhon. She told us about her digestive disease that required she have a preventative scan every two years. In preparation for this scan, she was on the hunt for healthy foods that would nourish her, and she was ecstatic to find a bone broth that tasted good and comforted her body. As soon as our owner, Lindsey, received Allison’s message and saw that she ran Born on Sunset Ceramics, she knew we were destined to collaborate!

“To me One Whole Life means to nourish and cherish this lifetime we’ve been gifted and that we are all interlinked energetically.”
- Allison Altman, Born on Sunset Ceramics

The Story Behind Born on Sunset

Just like Lindsey was inspired by her grandmother when she began OWL Venice (more on that here), Allison’s grandma also ignited her interest in pottery. Her grandmother was a painter who owned a small kiln and would paint wares for her family and friends. As a child, Allison would spend time with her painting bisqueware, listening to music, and slowly falling in love with ceramics.

In 2003, after completing a film degree at Penn State, Allison made the leap from South Jersey to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Once she landed, she was instantly drawn to the seaside location, artist culture, bohemian vibrations, and rich socioeconomic diversity in Venice.

In 2015, she signed up for a ceramics class at the Temple of Mediclaytion and began spending more and more time at the studio. But with two young children at home, Allison soon recognized her need to establish a studio where she could be close to her family and her craft. It was an unexpected monetary gift from her grandparents that made this dream possible.

Where Born on Sunset is Today

Today, Allison runs Born on Sunset Ceramics full-time out of her home while her kids are at school. She makes all of her work by hand, finding joy in the fact that each time someone holds one of her pieces, her hand has also held it. She uses Mother Nature as her primary source of inspiration, which comes across in her designs that are reminiscent of sunsets, the desert, and the ocean. Her philosophies about food, vision, energy, friendship, and partnership are perfectly aligned with OWL’s and we feel honored to carry her lovely, thoughtful pieces in our shop.

Get a peek at Born on Sunset Ceramics here on Allison’s website and here on Instagram. And if you’re interested in scoring one of her gorgeous tumblers for free follow us here so you don’t miss out out on the giveaway we’re announcing this week!

In health,
The OWL Fam


  • Posted by Gloria on

    Inquiring from Canada, love your pottery. Interested in the mugs that Shanya uses for her matcha! Would like to purchase more than one. I am willing to pay for shipping/all other related costs, if this is something you would be willing to do.

    Thank you, 780-235-3625 is my cell/and email for contact. Thanks! :))

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