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Meet Eden Sussenguth


Eden Sussenguth health coaching, and bone broth elixir


What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company?

I'm a Certified Nutritionist and work as a Health Coach for OWL as well as the Partnerships Manager. I love being a part of a small team that is making a big difference in the world - Helping people live healthier and happier lives. I also love that many members of the team (including the owner) are health coaches and share the same passion.


What got you into health & wellness?

I am grateful that I was raised in a healthy home - with my dad who was an athlete (and my coach for all my sports teams) and my mom who educated herself on holistic healing and exposed me to plant based eating growing up. Both of them really helped contribute to my passion for health and wellness, and as I got older it became even more significant to me. I decided to take my passion a step further and get Certified as a Nutritionist and went back to school for my Masters to specialize in Sports Nutrition - combining my love of food, sports, and helping others.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being a health coach?

I love what I do! It doesn't feel like work to me, but instead something that lights me up and inspires me daily. Everything about it is rewarding and fulfilling- But most of all, it is probably when clients tell me I changed their life. Whether it's helping them reach their goals like losing 50 pounds, overcoming a major health condition, preparing for an athletic event, or simply eating healthier, the fact that I can make a long term difference is so meaningful.


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What kind of self care rituals do you have?

To me, self care is nonnegotiable and I consider eating well, moving my body, and prioritizing rest daily rituals. It is so ingrained into who I am and without it being a part of my daily life, I don't feel like myself. Taking care of your body on a daily basis is the ultimate form of self care in my opinion. I also love skin care, and a good deep tissue massage which I treat myself to once a month.


Have you done the OWL Reset and if so, what was your experience like? Any advice you’d give to someone trying the Reset for the first time?

I had never done a cleanse in my entire life but the OWL Reset was something that I most definitely can get behind. I love the fact that you can supplement with food, and you're getting plenty of nutrients in rather than depleting yourself like most cleanses. After the Reset I felt very energized considering I slept very deeply during the 4 days. My skin also looked amazing - very bright, clear, and plump. 


When I did the Reset I felt it necessary to supplement with food and modify recipes since I am very active (although I didn't workout as usual during the Reset, your body is still burning calories and repairing muscle fibers and tissues). I added fresh spinach and avocado to my matcha shake. At night I added steamed squash and chard into the broth and ate it like soup. The last day of the Reset I had salmon and veggies for dinner.


Eden prepping magic matcha mylkshake and using OWL Sun Potion


What mantra do you live by?

I believe that everything that is meant for you will be yours, exactly when it should and when you're meant to experience it. Everything happens in perfect timing, and being grateful and appreciative for what you have and what's on its way changes your mindset.


Are there any books, podcasts, shows, meditations, or products that you’re loving right now?

I love natural skincare, whether it's a face mask, or serum. I also love to gua sha.

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