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A Few of Our Founder’s Favorite Things

One Whole Life’s Founder Lindsey Wilson wasn’t looking to start an online business that has now helped thousands of people start their journey in health. At first, she was simply focused on healing her own body, starting with some gut issues. She heard about bone broth before and was looking to find one that she not only loved, but that would nourish her body and help it operate the way it was meant to.

After searching and searching through countless brands that incorporated ingredients which didn’t sit well with her gut, Lindsey figured she’d try her hand at making her own special kind of broth. Substituting garlic and onions for turmeric and ginger plus tons of herbs to mask the generic, meaty flavor of broth, Lindsey unknowingly created the signature recipe for OWL’s Bone Broth Elixirs. 

Since then, Lindsey has envisioned OWL becoming more than a broth company. She wants to inspire others with her holistic and healing lifestyle brand and media platform. The goal behind this is to expand her services and product line, grow and educate the OWL community, and help others find their own pathway to transforming their health and reaching a higher vibration.

In honor of Lindsey’s daring leap of faith toward her special calling for healing the community, we’ve put together a list of our fearless founder’s favorite things from the OWL shop. We hope that these bring you as much comfort, joy, and peace as they bring us. 

These are my go-to products that have now become engrained in my daily rituals.”


First Up: Our Chicken Bone Broth Elixir

What is it?

This handcrafted organic bone broth is made with apple cider vinegar and locally sourced, organic ingredients. We simmer all of our broths for over 24 hours in a special concoction of healing herbs, roots, and vegetables. Our recipe is void of common allergens and infused with medicinal herbs.

Why do we love it?

The Chicken Bone Broth has a delicious, golden, buttery flavor. It also has a wide variety of uses. You have the option to cook with it as a base for soups, rice, and much, much more. Peruse our blog for creative recipe inspiration!

Our favorite way to enjoy it? Sippin’ from a mug for an added dose of coziness to our day. Rich with the best nutrients mother nature has to offer, this broth is sustainably sourced from local vendors, and packaged in recyclable glass jars. 

Because each jar is pressure sealed, our broth has a 6 month shelf life. We try our best to reduce waste and therefore, our footprint on the earth. Plus, the bones in our recipes are grass-fed and finished, free-range, and free of any hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. 

In concert with these responsibly raised bones and nutrient dense veggies such as swiss chard, fennel, and carrots, our broths incorporate some high-powered plant magic. 

  • Lavender which helps relieve your stress and soothes stomach bloating. 
  • Ginger to calm your stomach and fortify your immune system. 
  • Cilantro, the cleansing herb that rids your system of heavy metals and alleviates anxiety.

With so many nourishing, good-for-you qualities, it’s hard to pass up this item on our list of favorites. 

“The perfect pick-me-up when I’m starting to feel a little run down.”

Our Moon Wash Oil Cleanser

What is it?

Designed for sensitive to normal skin types, this gentle daily cleanser is a natural way to show your skin some well deserved love. Handcrafted with organic ingredients in small batches, this oil cleanser is beneficial for your skin morning or night. Or both! Just half a dropper is all you need to enjoy glowing skin 

Why do we love it?

A cleanser’s number one job is to cleanse, and that’s exactly what our Moon Wash does. Not only does it remove impurities from your skin, it also helps balance the natural pH levels and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Some of our favorite, all organic ingredients within the Moon wash include:

  • Hazelnut oil for increased hydration1, hyperpigmentation2, bacterial removal3
  • Carrot seed oil as antifungal4, antibacterial5, antioxidant, and antiinflammatory agents.
  • Jojoba oil that acts as a moisturizer, an antibacterial6, and an antioxidant that all work together, to help your skin look healthy and vibrant. 

Other skin-nourishing ingredients include olive oil, castor oil, raspberry seed oil, as well as essential oils of sage, ylang ylang, bergamot, chamomile, and lavender. Such a soothing, healing product easily earned its way onto our favorites list!

This oil-based cleanser has worked wonders on my skin, is easy to use (and travel with), and is great for all skin types.”

Our Digestive Bitters Calming Mint Spray

What is it?

It’s weird, but bitter tastes improve your digestion! It’s your body’s reaction to potentially poisonous substances. Your stomach thinks it needs to work quickly to dilute whatever bitter things you just consumed. Isn’t it cool that your body looks out for your wellbeing so efficiently? Our proprietary blend of natural bitters tells your brain, mouth, throat, and your stomach that you’re about to eat and it's time to start digesting. 

OWL’s Calming Mint Spray is a refreshing spritz that increases the production of your saliva, gastric juices, and bile. This helps your digestive system break down food in an efficient manner and turn it into nutrients. You get the most out of your meal when it is properly deconstructed.

Why do we love it?

Our digestive bitters jumpstart your digestion in a natural, healthy way using it’s innate functions. There’s nothing artificial about consuming them. They also use organic ingredients that soothe your digestive tract and relieve any bloating and cramping in your stomach. This is particularly helpful if you experience symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other digestive issues. 

We also love the breath-freshening additions of spearmint and peppermint essential oils that mask the bitter taste of all those helpful roots. The antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properties help support the immune system. Bonus points!

Our specialized blend of soothing, healing roots includes:

  • Dandelion root
  • Orange peel
  • Chamomile flower
  • Gentian root
  • Oregon grape root
  • Fennel seed
  • Yellow dock root
  • Ginger root
  • Blue flag root
  • Prickly ash bark 

...all of which help your digestive system run smoothly without any hiccups that can slow you down, and keep you from enjoying those little moments that make your day. 

You can take this portable spray bottle with you on the go for those spur of the moment indulgences. A helpful little addition to our Founder’s Faves list!

“I carry this everywhere and it’s now become a staple in my purse!”

Last But Not Least: The Betsey Carter Ceramics Mug

What is it?

Betsey Carter is an Los Angeles artisan who follows the philosophy that the objects that surround us should not only be beautiful but useful. These ceramic mugs by Betsey are both utilitarian and a lovely addition to your morning ritual. 

Why do we love it?

There’s just something cozy and comforting sipping your warm morning drink out of your favorite mug, and this one is sure to take that sacred place in your home. It holds a generous helping of matcha, tea, or bone broth so that your moment of soothing calm can last just a little bit longer. 

“I love that it’s big (fits 16 oz.) and has a nice, sturdy handle.”

Enjoy The Little Things

Life is made up of thousands of small moments that turn into memories. You’ll remember the ones that make you smile with a warm fondness that is invaluable. Seize those moments as often as you can, and you’ll have quite the life to look back on. 

To your health and happiness,

The OWL Fam



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