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5 Ways to Use the OWL Reset as a Powerful Energy-Shifting Ritual

This blog post piggy backs off the one we shared last week. So if you haven't read the article 'Boost your gut health with these seasonal foods', we recommend starting there! It will give you a foundational knowledge of seasonal eating and chronobiology, so you can better understand everything we're about to share.


One of our favorite rituals to practice each season is the OWL Reset.
Why? Because this protocol was designed with the principles of seasonal eating and the Chronodiet in mind. It’s essentially a ritual with two other sub-rituals, making it the perfect opportunity to rest and reflect!

  • The OWL Reset x Seasonal Eating

The OWL Reset includes three broths that are made almost entirely with ingredients that are grown year-round. (The only exception to this are some of the mushrooms that go in our vegan mineral broth, but rather than importing them, we use a powdered version instead.) As a result, OWL broths are highly nutritious and bio-available.

  • OWL Reset x Chronobiology

Not only do OWL Broth Elixirs align with the principles of seasonal eating, the three nutritional shakes in the Reset were formulated in accordance with Chronobiology and should be consumed at a specific time of day. Because the Magic Matcha Mylkshake contains plantains that are grown on branches, solar nutrition suggests it should be consumed in the morning when the sun is rising. The Golden Ginger Mylkshake is best consumed in the afternoon when the sun is the highest as it contains kabocha squash grown on the ground. And the Bold Beet Mylkshake is ideal for the evening when the sun is low or has set because beets are grown in the earth. 


The OWL Reset can be even more than a way to heal the gut. For many, it is also a practice that can reset the mind and spirit. By adjusting the diet and consuming foods that align with the season and solar nutrition, you are honoring your body’s natural rhythm. But there are some other practices you can do during the OWL Reset to honor yourself.

5 Ritual Practices to Support the OWL Reset


  • Journaling

    Take the time to reflect by journaling each day. Some people choose to treat their journaling like a diary, and others prefer to use it as a record about their experience. Whether you feel called to jot down your thoughts or keep a detailed record of your Reset journey, this practice will encourage introspection and honesty. 

    • Meditation

    Meditation is an opportunity to be still and simply observe. While journaling is a more active ritual, meditation encourages us to silence the mind and focus on the breath. This practice encourages peace and connection, two things that are so important as our body detoxes and heals. Pro tip: We love using a card from the The Universe Has Your Back deck as a mantra in our daily meditations.

    • Sleeping with the sun

    As your diet aligns with your natural circadian rhythm, you may also support this ritual by adjusting your schedule. If you’re able, we encourage you to live in harmony with the sun. Wake up naturally and avoid turning on lights after the sun goes down. Sleep when you feel tired. This will give your body the opportunity to tune into its natural sleep patterns.

    • Intention setting

    The OWL Reset is the perfect time to set new intentions. Pay attention to what comes up for you in your journaling and meditations and write down any shifts you’d like to make in your life. Many people set intentions for their diets during the Reset, but don’t limit yourself! This may also be an opportunity to set intentions related to work, relationships, and other aspects of life.

    • Symbolic bathing

    Self-care is so important during the OWL Reset. Dramatic changes in diet can bring underlying issues to the surface that may be expressed in headaches, moodiness, fatigue, etc. at the beginning of the Reset. Because of this, it’s important that you allow time to slow down and care for yourself. But even once you start experiencing the benefits of the Reset and feeling better than new, you still have an opportunity for ritualistic self-care practices. One of our favorite ways to symbolize this shift is with a long bath on the last day of the Reset. We imagine that we enter the bath as our past selves, and exit the bath brand new.


    Just because you've reached the last day of your Reset doesn't mean you have to come down from all the high-vibes you created! Keep the energy flowing with the following practices:


    • Practice intuitive eating

    One of the major benefits of doing the OWL Reset is a more grounded mind/body connection. By giving your digestive system a chance to rest and heal, you'll be able to gain a new understanding of what your body needs to function optimally. Once you learn to tune in to what your body is asking for, you may be surprised. Sometimes what your body needs doesn't follow traditional nutritional guidelines, and that's okay. We believe that the body should be its own informant! If you're craving a cookie, have a cookie. If you're craving salad, then have a salad. Your body will naturally desire what it needs to thrive. It's just our job to pay attention and nurture ourselves accordingly.

    • Maintain your favorite wellness rituals

    If you practiced meditation, journaling, or any other wellness rituals during your Reset that you really enjoyed, keep it up! This doesn't necessarily mean that you HAVE to do those practices every day. The key is making them a priority and fitting them in when you have the chance. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! Keep the experience positive and you'll be more likely to continue with these beneficial rituals.

    • Make schedule adjustments

    There's nothing more important than how we choose to spend our time. If you practiced a different sleep schedule during your Reset, reflect on how that shift impact you. Maybe moving forward you'll feel more inclined to read at night instead of watching Netflix. Maybe you'll carve out more time for your meals so you can truly appreciate and enjoy your food. Reflect on your day-to-day life and see if there are any ways you can better allocate your time.

    • Prioritize self-care

    Self-care is not a cliché! By showing yourself the love you deserve, you'll be able to offer more in all areas of your life. After your Reset, make it a priority to enjoy the time you spend nurturing yourself every day and opt for natural products that are good for your body, like OWL Skincare. Try not to rush through hygiene practices like combing your hair, washing your face, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. If possible, choose one night a week to dedicate to self-care and use that time to take a bath, give yourself a mani/pedi, or do a more involved skincare routine.


    • Plan for a seasonal reflection ritual

    It's not uncommon for even the best intentions to slowly fade. This is exactly why so few people keep their new years resolutions! Rather than feeling like you failed to achieve your intentions, make a plan to revisit them every season. Accept that it's totally normal to fall back into old patterns, and make a commitment to keep striving to improve. Eventually, your new intentions will become second-nature, and you'll be able to explore new avenues for growth!

    This is exactly why we offer the 4-Day OWL Reset as a 3-month subscription! By committing to this ritual each season, you'll be reminded when it's time to slow down, reflect, and set new intentions. The 4-Day OWL Reset is also offered at a lower price as our way of rewarding you for being committed to your personal growth.

    Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you on your wellness journey. It's truly our joy to support and nourish you! 

    In health,
    The OWL Fam