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OWL RITUAL Retreat (May 3-5) - One Whole Life

OWL RITUAL Retreat (May 3-5)

$ 695.00

With sweeping panoramic views of the Topa Topa Mountains in Ojai, a magical farmhouse oasis sits on top, awaiting your arrival. Surrounded by acres of orchard, we will forage and eat the rainbow until our heart’s content. Peaches, nectarines, Asian pears, persimmons, oranges, lemons, mandarins, cherries, walnuts and many different types of apples will be sure to satiate your every desire.

Connection. Community. Bliss. Take off your shoes and stay a while. Feel the ground underneath you and the collective energy buzzing around you. Allow your shoulders to fall down your back and a deep sigh to release. You are home. We will spend three days nourishing the mind, body and soul and diving into sacred RITUALS. Together, we will explore movement, meditation, and conscious consumption, all while experiencing breathtaking views.

You will have plenty of time to nurture, replenish, stoke your transformation and ebb and flow as you please. Through community meals and a safe space to explore vulnerability and the power of intention, we will grow and expand our ripple effect together.

Twin Creek Ranch has it all…the luxury of modern living, charm of a farmhouse, natural beauty, a yoga studio, sunrises and sunsets, a resort like pool and spa, hiking trails, fruit trees, animals and an indescribable serenity and spiritual energy.

So…will you say yes to a soulful adventure with us?