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Meet Vivian, OWL’s director of events and partnerships!

It’s been an exciting summer at OWL! Not only did we open our HQ on Abbot Kinney, we began hosting events and workshops that have helped us share our love for wellness and connect with the Venice community.

With all the new happenings at the HQ, we realized our need for another set of hands that could help us curate our events and health-conscious workshops. Fortunately, we had already met the perfect person…

Meet Vivian, OWL’s director of events and partnerships!

Vivian was first introduced to OWL at Erewhon, where she was working in nutrition. After hearing about the
OWL Gut Reset Cleanse, she immediately signed up. “I was obsessed. I loved the whole idea. The fasting, the fact that the shakes were dairy free, and you were still getting nutrients from the broths. It was unlike any other cleanse I did. And I’ve done a TON.”

Like many people who do the Reset Cleanse, Vivian has a history of digestive issues, hormone imbalances, and low energy. It’s these issues that initially drew her to wellness practices like yoga and diets that promote gut health.

When Vivian first discovered her passion for health and wellness, she was living in Chicago and working in makeup and skincare. She made the move to the Chi-Town from her hometown, Norfolk, VA, in 2011 to live out her dream of residing in a big city and earn her esthetician license. At the time, she didn’t realize that this move would ultimately lead her to sunny California.

Once Vivian began exploring the impact of diet, lifestyle, and stress levels, it became apparent that there’s much more to true beauty than good makeup. The more she researched, the more she found herself drawn to Los Angeles. “Everything I was infatuated with learning about was all born in California. I started visiting periodically thanks to a buddy pass I had for an airline. It started to dawn on me I never wanted to leave when it was time to, and I would drive around Los Angeles wondering...
why can’t this be my life every day?

A year later, Vivian packed up her Toyota Pruis and headed West. And we’re so glad she did!

In her role at OWL, Vivian uses her personal experience with gut health issues to spread the message of self-love and wellness. She strives to connect with everyone who walks through our door, making sure that they feel included in the family we’ve built at OWL.

We’re constantly inspired by Vivian’s appreciation for the little things in life, sense of humor, and drive. She is passionate about music, nature, local art, sauerkraut, every single thing on Gjusta’s menu, and — of course — the Venice community.

Along with planning local gatherings and wellness events, Vivian is also dreaming of ongoing projects that positively impact the earth like coordinated beach cleanups and composting workshops. When asked about her vision for future events and workshops at OWL she replied, “I truly believe the sky's the limit for us.”

Do you have an idea for an event or workshop that aligns with our values at OWL?
Get in touch by sending an email to
We look forward to hearing from you!

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