Holiday Gift Guide from OWL Health Coach Lillian Jacobs

The holiday gift giving season is upon us! As a holistic health coach, I aim to give gifts that are not only meaningful but will also give the gift of health to my loved ones. Fortunately, at OWL we have the perfect wellness gift for everyone on your list. 


Digestive Bitters


For the Traveler in Your Life

Digestive Bitters: I literally can’t think of anyone that this isn’t the perfect stocking stuffer for. The sleek bottle fits easily into any purse, clutch, or backpack. This small but mighty gift is a lifesaver for those heavy holiday meals, post-travel digestive woes, or anytime you need to freshen your breath. Snag one (… or twenty?) 'cause these sell out quickly! 


OWL Broth Elixir Sample Pack

For the Soup Lover in Your Life

Broth Sampler Pack: Bone broth is gaining popularity for its gut-healing and immune boosting properties. OWL’s Bone Broth Elixirs are specially formulated without garlic and onion, making them gentle on the gut and a delicious beverage to sip. As a health coach, I find myself recommending bone broth day in and day out; so chances are it would benefit someone on your list!  This sampler pack is great for anyone who’s interested in incorporating more of this health-boosting broth in their life. As a bonus - direct them to our blog where they’ll find tons of recipes using these broths. 


The Universe has your Back Card Deck

For the Yogi in Your Life

The Universe has your Back: These cards are absolutely beautiful and make a perfect gift for the spiritual goddess in your life. I love to pull these cards whenever I need a journal prompt or a small dose of inspiration. Pair these with our Temple Copal Incense and Flores Lane Candle to create the perfect spiritual set up. 


Full Moon Skincare Set

For the Beauty Queen in Your Life

Full Moon Skincare Kit: Your skin is your biggest organ. This means that everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body (yup, read that again). I live by the rule that if I read the ingredients label and I wouldn’t eat it - I won’t put it on my skin. Fortunately, OWL’s skin care line is as clean as it gets (and it even smells good enough to eat!). The Full Moon Kit contains: Sun Potion (a daytime moisturizer with natural spf protection), Moon Wash (an evening cleanser that gently removes makeup without stripping skin), and Moon Glow (an evening moisturizer). I recommend buying this for anyone on the quest to live a healthier lifestyle with the glow of a goddess. 


OWL Matcha Set


For the Health Guru in Your Life

OWL Matcha Gift Set: Matcha is steadily gaining traction in the wellness world as a much healthier alternative to your morning coffee. Matcha delivers a light dose of caffeine but doesn’t spike your cortisol levels the way coffee does. This means that you won’t get the energy jolt and subsequent crash, and it will leave your hormones in a much healthier state. Matcha is also packed with good-for-you antioxidants and vitamins. OWL’s Matcha  gift set includes organic and ceremonial grade matcha (this stuff is legit delicious, I drink it daily!), along with a handmade ceramic pinch pot and whisk to properly prepare your matcha. I recommend buying this for the matcha fanatic and the soon-to-be converted coffee drinker in your life.